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The precautions taken are increasing. We are in a process where we don’t know if the resources we have are sufficient for this threat, and we watch in astonishment by trying to understand how everything can change at once. Of course, it is not possible for us to see the future and know what will happen. We are waiting with curiosity and hope. Perhaps we are eagerly waiting to return to our previous life. You may find this desperate to say, but as the Buddhists say, "Everything in life is changing and nothing will ever be the same". Instead of clinging to the past, it is ideal to calmly watch what happened and adapt ourselves to the new one, to watch the events as if watching the passing clouds and to be as positive as we can. Of course, this is not always possible, and we can find ourselves looking at the news, corona virus maps and increasing numbers while embracing ourselves with the fear of the future, possible harms to us and our loved ones. Sometimes we can feel ourselves lost in this situation and spread an intense panic signal to our surroundings with the thoughts of fear. We are human beings and all of them are very normal, but that does not mean that we should allow this continuity. When we find ourselves in a spiral, the little changes we can make can break this cycle and act as a psychological shield for us and those around us. In fact, I intended to write this article on the infectious effect of fear and how we can break this cycle using music and reach the point of living full of life with music, but I would like to talk about a topic that would be much more beneficial to us in the present situation. Let's talk a little bit about the power of the person, not the music.

Yes, I created this page to share information about music and music therapy, to present the scientific qualities of this new field and how it can benefit us. But first of all, let's talk about what music is and why it has so much impact. Although there are several theories by evolutionary psychologists on why music emerged, music is a phenomenon that we could not fully understand the reason for its existence. In fact, there are as many reasons why music emerges as there are reasons why people express themselves, communicate and perform for others. Many of the sources of creation and religious copies are mentioned that there was the sound in the beginning, and a harmony that appears later, which makes sense if you ask me. If there is motion, there is vibration, if there is vibration, there is sound, and if these sounds occur in matching sequence, it is harmony and music. These are the issues discussed in the history of humanity, but let's leave it here for now. What I really want to say when I write these lines is related to the body of the living organism, which is constantly in motion and does not leave the movement since the formation of the first fertilized cell, this being in vibration at all times is actually the music we are in. When we listen to a song, we can observe that the emotional state that we are in has changed and our emotions are in motion. When we communicate it is the same, we are as if we are in a concert when we are in contact with ourselves or another individual. While each of us has such a great power within us, a symphony orchestra that continues to play non-stop, we can still underestimate the impact of our existence and forget the effects we have done so far. First of all, imagine yourself as a song for a moment, let the emotional state you are in, your feelings and thoughts towards people and yourself create the rhythm and harmony of that song, and your story is the lyrics. Listen to this song quietly for a moment. Pay attention to how much it can change every moment and how the course of this symphony can shift in the slightest interaction and think for a moment: "What is the subject of this musical, how do I want to influence myself, those around me and the world?”

It doesn't matter whether you are satisfied with this effect for the moment, but if you are not satisfied, remember that you are the conductor... Do you want to add some movement to your song? Just give a small sign to the rhythms! A little more emotion and love? Then the strings await your signal! For a little more peace and calmness, give time to a first flute for a little solo! Everything is at your hands and you have all the power to make the change. Perhaps we may not be able to change the conditions of living, but this is only about where the song is played. If your song cannot keep up with its environment, maybe you can make your environment ready for your song. Let's say you want to play an outstanding classical piece in the region where the socioeconomic level of the city is the lowest, but you may be thinking that nobody will be interested in it or they will make fun of you… Let the music speak, express yourself, perform your song with all your joy and energy; let your orchestra get acquainted with those around you! Let them enter with their own instruments. Everything is not always the way we want it, but perhaps the best thing about life is this change and discovery of the songs that are constantly in alteration.

Perhaps you are currently at home with your spouse, family members, friends, or maybe you are alone… No matter who you are with, look at how their song affects you. If you don't like it, think about this effect, how does your song affect the people around you. You are actually in a studio environment between the four walls and all your frequencies and all your sounds are mixed together; you do not even stay there, also offer video conferences from your life to your loved ones. If your influence does not please you, nobody will object to playing a piece of happy Balcan music with your orchestra for a moment or to make the audience dance a bit. After all, you are the products that will come out of those studios, and your memory is your albums that you record and put aside and share them when necessary. I wish you to live your life to the fullest, with an enthusiastic song and a never-ending concert, to stay in health and peace.

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